Angular Advanced & NgRx

Angular is a successful client-side web platform for creating single-page web applications. The framework supports server-side rendering and internationalization.

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This course is the continuation of our Angular Beginner Course. Anyone who has visited this or has already taken the first steps with beginner Angular / Typescript is here repealed.

You have been working with Angular for some time and have deep experience with the framework. You master basic concepts such as dependency injection, components and services and use Angular every day. You would like to develop yourself and your project, but books and articles are not enough for you - you want to discuss specific approaches directly with experts and find the best solution. In our course, we will cover these advanced topics and give you an insight into them.

  • Digging into component communication
  • Seperate your application in feature modules
  • State Management with redux & NgRx
  • Unit Testing with Jasmine, Karma
  • End-to-end testing with Cypress / Protractor
  • Create npm libraries with the Angular CLI and consume them in your app
  • Create a build pipeline with Visual Studio Team Services
  • Deploy your Angular Application to Azure

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